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The Metalsmith (Emmy nominated)

Facing blindness, metalsmith Andy Cooperman renews his commitment to making things worth seeing.

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The Coffinmaker

Every year, Americans bury enough metal in the ground to rebuild the Golden Gate Bridge, says Vashon Island coffin maker Marcus Daly. His simple, handcrafted wooden coffins are an economical and environmentally friendly burial alternative.


Project V Distillery

Project V Distillery began speakeasy style with a small still in Mo Heck’s garage. The code name for the project was “Project V”— for vodka. “It kinda got outta hand,” says Mo. “We would show up at parties and our booze would get there before us.” Two years ago they went legit and are now making some of the finest handcrafted vodka in the Seattle region.


Seattle Randonneurs’ Winter Solstice Ride

Last December while working on a film about the Solstice, I got wind of an unusual bunch of people who ride all night long on the darkest night of the year. I knew I had …


Mushroom Hunting with Tiberio Simone

Seattle culinary artist Tiberio Simone combs through the forest in search of mushrooms for an unusual recipe.