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Heart of the Sea

“They say blood is seawater, basically. That’s what I got.” Client: UW Medicine Advancement Film commissioned to help launch $2 billion fundraising campaign in 2017.

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Teri’s Story

When Teri was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, all she wanted was to raise her kids and live a normal life. Client: UW Medicine Advancement

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Lydia’s Story

Who knew that getting cancer could be a path to Carnegie Hall? When Lydia Miner discovered a lump in her throat, she faced a blistering regime of radiation therapy in order to save her life. …

SCCA nursing video

For every nurse, it starts with a kind heart

Hate change? Then don’t bother applying to nurse at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, where health practitioners strive every day to invent the future of cancer care.

Head and neck cancer

Head and neck cancers are now more treatable than ever

Thanks to new kinds of treatment and advances in technology, head and neck cancers can be treated with amazing success, thanks to work by doctors like Eduardo Méndez.


Why inclusion matters

When the Seattle School District cut funding for a beloved special education program, teachers and families were shocked. Then, they rolled up their sleeves and started a campaign to save it. This is the story …

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Seattle Cancer Care Alliance: Jenna’s Story

Jenna was nine years old when her mother, Julie Gibson, took her to a pediatrician after she thought her daughter had a case of strep throat. “The pediatrician took one look at me and knew something …


Seattle Cancer Care Alliance: Karen’s Story

IT BEGAN IN JUNE OF 2008. Karen was feeling more tired than usual, but with a full-time job and two teenage daughters, she figured she was just getting older. “But in the back of my mind, …

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The Puppet Maker

Within a month of starting grad school at the University of Washington, Reed Garber-Pearson realized that everyone was making friends really fast. But Reed? Not so much. Then, the puppet maker discovered Core Programs. And …

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Megan’s Story

When a freak accident on a flight leaves her with a concussion, Megan Clark loses her independence, her job and nearly her life.

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Life is a Concussion Sport

Playing sports is a little bit safer thanks to the work of the Sports Health & Safety Institute at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

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A Life and Death Decision

When a terrible accident leaves their son Adam in a coma, Mark and Alice Beaty face a life and death decision with the help of UW Medicine’s palliative care program.


Total Inclusion: UW’s Experimental Education Unit

Visual Contact produced this fundraising video for the University of Washington’s Experimental Education Unit, a program that educates special needs children alongside their typically developing peers.